I am so sick of hearing ‘Not all men’ and here’s why.

You would have heard by now about the rape and murder of Aiia Maasawe as she walked home. We have heard this story before – with Eureydice, with Jill and with many other women before them. And each time this despicable crime is almost over shadowed by cries of ‘Not all men.’ Yes, we know it’s not all men. This goes without saying. You might remember when King Hits or Coward Punches were occuring more often. Usually happening between the […]

A Lesson In Boundaries And Value

  I was in a situation recently where my value in myself was tested. There’s a person who happens to be in my life and I’ve been distancing myself from them. Over several situations they’ve used me (where I put good faith in them and how they would treat me) and even used their kids to get at me, which is disgusting in my eyes. I was hurt because I put in 100% when I give – whether it’s money, […]

3 Things You Can Do to Get You On Your Soul Calling Pathway

Today I’m sharing with you three ways to find your soul purpose. This has come up with some of my clients and some friends that I’ve spoken with lately. The thing that shows up for them is that they want to do something more meaningful with their life but they’re just not sure what to do, where to start or even how to do it. Here are 3 things to help get you on your soul calling pathway. 1 – […]

How To Conquer Anxiety Instead Of Letting Anxiety Conquer You

How to conquer your anxiety instead of letting anxiety conquer you I lived with anxiety for a really long time. I’m 30 years old now and I’ve had anxiety for most of my life. It’s only been the last couple of years or so that I’ve really felt anxiety free and before that I never felt like I would ever get on top of anxiety. I felt like it would be my life, that this is just how it would […]

Why People Pleasing Will Never Work And What To Do Instead

I used to be a huge people-pleaser. I did it for most of my life and I was always worried about what other people would think if I stood up for myself. I always felt guilty for not doing what other people wanted. I also hated conflict and did anything that I could to avoid it. I was always about not rocking the boat and keeping other people happy. Trying to keep everyone happy and please everybody is what really […]

3 Signs that you’re on the brink of burnout

ARE YOU EXHAUSTED? I went through intense burnout in the first years of my business. I’ve been in the depths of burnout and felt so tired that I didn’t know how I was going to get through my day. These days I still manage my energy levels with a lot of caution, but I can usually catch burnout before it gets me. Constant exhaustion is not a badge of honour and it’s something that needs to be addressed before it […]

My Journey With Burnout

My journey with burnout has been a long one. 15 years in fact. I don’t ever remember not being tired, but around 15 or 16 I had Glandular Fever and then it got worse. After that I gradually became more and more fatigued until I hit burnout. I learnt that burnout is so intertwined with who you are as a person. It’s not as simple as ‘get more sleep.’ Sleep definitely helps, but there’s more to it. For me, it […]

Internet Assholes

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of people share their unwanted opinion on other people’s posts. I saw a poor girl being torn to shreds in a Facebook group when she posted about a new pair of shoes. There were countless comments telling her the shoes were ugly. Then my friend shared a photo of her young daughter at her pole dance class. Anyone with a brain could quite obviously see this was about fitness and nothing more. She was also […]

Anxiety Update

I asked on my Instagram Story what you’d like to see more of on my page and the highest vote was for how I manage anxiety. I haven’t posted about anxiety for a long time because it doesn’t effect me anywhere near as much as it used to. When I’m anxious now, its usually about what I call a ‘real problem.’ So something that I perceive as a real threat. What I see and what I’ve experienced with anxiety is […]

Turning 30

Hello! I’m sorry I haven’t been very active on here for a little while. The truth is, I’ve been so tired lately. I’ve had a lot going on in my social & personal life, and because that takes up so much energy it’s hard for me to keep up with everything. But I really miss interacting with you guys so I promise I’m back to working on my health so I can have more energy to do all the things. So […]