Hey I'm Delisse

I help highly sensitive women who are ready to get their life back on track after struggling with chronic exhaustion. I teach you to redesign your life so that you can consciously manage & protect your energy levels and feel like your normal self again.

on the blog

No Is A Complete Sentence
'No' is a complete sentence and learning to say no is one of the best things you can do for[...]
How To Deal With Brain Fog When You Have Burnout Or Chronic Fatigue
Brain Fog is very real when you have chronic exhaustion. As my energy levels continue to improve, the one thing[...]
More Than A Mediocre Life
I believe that living a fast paced life, over-committing to everything & everyone, rejecting your sensitive nature, neglecting yourself &[...]
Surrender To Sleep
Our society these days doesn't really honour sleep & rest.Instead we seem to praise late nights, Netflix binging and doing[...]

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