Are you an Empath?

Empaths are born with the ability to intuitively feel & perceive others and are usually very aware (whether consciously or not) of other people’s energy. Empaths often have a ‘knowing’ because they can tune into other people’s moods, energy, intentions, motivations and fears. They also often feel and take on the emotions of others, which if left unchecked can take a toll on their wellbeing. It’s common for Empaths to […]

Highly Sensitive Person

Do you often feel like you’re more sensitive than others around you? As humans we’re sensitive by nature, but some of us are Highly Sensitive People, or HSP’s. I’m a HSP and an Empath, but I’ve only known this for the last few years. Before that, I was very confused! I couldn’t understand why things seemed to effect me more than others. My heightened sensitivity used to consume me and […]

Energy, Magic and Dirty Dishes

Earlier this year I took a massive leap and decided to change direction in my business. I didn’t think too much about it, I just jumped. Sometimes that’s the best way to do it otherwise we’ll be waiting forever until we’re ‘ready’ or everything is ‘perfect.’ I’ve spent the last few months integrating everything in my new business and creating lots of new things. I’ve been working on new offers […]

Anxiety and Medication

I’ve been talking to a few people about anxiety lately about their experience with it. Interestingly, all of these people were currently on medication or have been on medication in the past. Many people have asked me if I’m on or have been on medication and this has given me the opportunity to gather my thoughts on anxiety and medication. I didn’t go down the path of medication. I aim […]

The Fear Of Judgment

  I’ve written about this many times before. But it seems that every time I conquer this fear, it jumps up and bites me again. And each time I’m better at recognising it and acknowledging it and thanking it for trying to keep me safe. Thanks, but no thanks. Because staying in the comfortable and familiar isn’t safe at all. It’s restricting and suppressing and stops you from feeling brave […]


Dancing In The Woo Woo World

  I’ve always danced in the woo woo world. The spiritual world. The world where you can’t see or explain everything that happens. Although, up until recently I didn’t fully accept this part of myself. I resisted it for so long until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Even now, sometimes the word spirituality makes my stomach kinda knot. My mum and dad had a big influence on me in this […]

Anxiety Is Not A Label, Stop Wearing It

  When I found out I had anxiety, I was so relieved. Not because I wanted anxiety but because I finally had an explanation for why I felt so crazy. For a little while, I accepted that this was what was going on with me. I say accepted, but actually I just settled. Because I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t know how to find my way out […]



Living With Anxiety

If you known me or have been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’ve suffered with anxiety for most of my life. At the start of 2014 I found out I had anxiety, very much by accident. Before that I had no idea and I really had no clue that the way I was living wasn’t ‘normal’ (for want of a better word, because normal is just a […]

Declutter Your Inbox

Our lives have become so busy these days. There seems to be an overload of everything and I think this is one of the reasons that even though things are EASIER now then it was for our grandparents, we are just so incredibly busy. I read Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying and it changed the way I thought about all the clutter and ‘noise’ we have […]

Two Strangers At The Airport 1

I believe in Divine Timing. I believe in Gut Feelings. I didn’t know what these things were for a long time. I heard people talking about it a lot and I wasn’t sure if I believed. But I started to believe and then things started to align. Weird coincidences that couldn’t be planned or explained in any other way apart from Divine Timing and Synchronicity. Things strangely worked out when […]