Hey I'm Delisse

Welcome to my blog! I've recently wrapped up my business as it just wasn't lighting me up anymore. I'm exploring what the new version of my business will look like as I'm called to create something that is more in sync with who I am, rather than having the type of business I think I *should* have or have been told would be best for me. (Should is such a shit word isn't it?) In the meantime, my blog is still here and I'll be sharing whatever I feel in the moment. Feel free to leave me a comment or question! 

I like to live a simple lifestyle, full of things that are meaningful an in a alignment with who I am and that's the type of thing I write about here. Sometimes I also get a bit ranty and sweary so if you don't like that it's best to look away now!

Lately I've been loving Pinterest, so if you want to check out my profile HERE'S THE LINK. My boards are a mixed bag of topics like Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Costal Interior Design, Gardening, my fave podcasts & being a Highly Senstive Person + Empath.

Delisse xo

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