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3 Tips For Beating Exhaustion As An Empath Or Highly Sensitive Person

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person or Empath who’s feeling burnt out? Here are my super simple strategies that you can start using straight away ♥

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1 – Use a diary or calendar
I know this seems so basic, but for me it was the biggest step in managing exhaustion. Firstly, this means you won’t have a huge to do list running riot in your head and taking up space. Secondly, you can visually see what you’re doing with your time so it’s easier to manage how much you have on your plate (and whether you need to stop adding to your plate). Which in turn helps you manage your energy.

2 – Have enough ‘me’ time.
I can’t stress this one enough! As humans we need connection, but as an Empath or HSP too much connection can be exhausting. So we need to find the balance between both.
For me that means time at home, sometimes in my PJ’s, no noise, not thinking about my to do list.

3 – Get enough sleep
Again, it seems so basic but sleep has a huge impact. When we’re tired, our ability to cope with anything is significantly lower. Work out how much sleep you need (for me it’s 8-9 hours) and get to bed at a regular time every night.
While you’re sleeping, have your phone on airplane mode and don’t have it on the charger. Empaths & HSP’s are sensitive to energy and that includes our phones.

Delisse xo

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