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An interesting experience with a healer

A few weeks ago I posted about having chronic tension headaches and how I was ready to try something new to get some relief.
Lately I’ve been playing with handing things over to the Universe when I’m seeking a healer, teacher or coach.
And interestingly, it seems to be working.
I found someone to help and I’m getting subtle but significant relief from headaches.

A couple of my therapists have recommended some Craniosacral work to help with headaches. I had contact details for one lady, but something held me back and I can’t even explain what it was.
So after my post, I did some seeking and asked the universe to show me my next healer. I didn’t know much about Craniosacral work, just that it was a massage-type therapy to help with headaches & jaw tension.

I found a lady in Mildura through a google search and she just ‘felt’ right. It’s so unlike me to book someone off a search and not a recommendation. But I trusted the universe and went to see this lady.

Turns out, she’s amazing. I thought I was going for just a straight out physical treatment.
But at the end of our first session, she whipped out a feather and sound bowl to clear my energy. We’ve also done some energetic work as well.
I’ve been struggling with the way physical pain can be treated with non-physical treatment, ie energy work. I know it’s possible but logically I’m fighting it. I’ve had all kinds of empty promises from energetic healers about pain relief and to be honest it’s made me distrustful.
So this was perfect for me because I had no preconception about energetic work – I thought I was getting a massage.
But I felt a huge energetic shift straight away and my headaches have been slowly decreasing. It’s been years since I’ve felt relief like this.
Plus she was really patient & understanding, and gave me so many answers on what’s happening with my headaches.
A very interesting experience in trusting my gut feeling, and working with a healer who comes from a place of integrity rather than ego.

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