17 Signs That You’re an Empath

Empaths are born with the ability to intuitively feel & perceive others and are usually very aware (whether consciously or not) of other people’s energy.

Empaths often have a ‘knowing’ because they can tune into other people’s moods, energy, intentions, motivations and fears. They also often feel and take on the emotions of others, which if left unchecked can take a toll on their wellbeing. It’s common for Empaths to experience fatigue and aches & pains simply due to absorbing people’s energy.

It can be quite confusing because of the difficulty to distinguish what’s yours and what belongs to others.

I struggled with being an Empath throughout most of my life until I understood it and learnt to manage it.

So how do you know if you’re an Empath? Here are some common traits:
:: Knowing – Empaths often know things without being told, and this is more than just a gut feeling
:: Public places that are crowded can be overwhelming
:: Feeling the emotions of other people and taking it on
:: You’re a human lie detector and will usually be able to tell when someone’s being dishonest
:: People feel the need to share their problems with you
:: Fatigue and exhaustion
:: Creative
:: Need alone time
:: Great listener
:: Can seem moody or disconnected
:: Addictive personality
:: Can’t handle narcissm
:: Find it difficult to watch or listen to violence, cruelty or anything traumatic
:: Feel restricted by rules and routine
:: Feeling physical symptoms that others are experiencing
:: Digestive and lower back issues
:: Often stands up for the underdog

Being an Empath is an amazing gift. The most important thing is not to suppress or block it but rather learn to protect your energy.

17 signs that you're an

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