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Feeling Out Of Sorts

I’ve felt out of sorts this week and that’s bought about some reflection. I feel it’s time for some big shifts and changes.
Two months ago I started private sessions with a personal trainer. This is HUGE for me as I haven’t been able to exercise for 5 years. Chronic Fatige & Fibromyalgia have made me super cautious with my body & my energy. I finally got to a point where my body could handle intense exercise. For the first time, I’m enjoying moving my body. But we hit a limit and my neck hasn’t been coping. Cue the constant intense headaches that won’t let up.
The exciting this is that my body is stronger and responding well to exercise, and I don’t feel half dead when I finish ? This has made me determined to heal my neck issues so that I can keep going.
In this time I also went back to my naturopath and discovered I’m much more unwell than I realised. Or, did realise but wouldn’t acknowledge.
So I’m pondering about what’s really really important to me and my health. What do I want to add into my life and what can I take out.
I’ve accepted that I’m not broken, I want more healing and support, and this is all part of my path.
Here’s to spending more time with people I love. More creativity, movement, learning, teaching, writing, healing. More living my truth. More supporting others to live their truth ?
What are you changing in your life? What are you accepting?
PS If you’ve found something that helps chronic neck tension and/or tension headaches, let me know! I’m ready to try something new.

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