How To Deal With Brain Fog

How To Deal With Brain Fog When You Have Burnout Or Chronic Fatigue

Brain Fog is very real when you have chronic exhaustion.

As my energy levels continue to improve, the one thing that lingers is memory loss and forgetfulness.

I can easily forget appointments, little jobs, returning phone calls & messages. I leave things behind when I leave the house.

(I do remember random useless details like who played the last 3 Batmans 🤔😂)

I learnt that I use up a lot of energy trying to remember everything that I want to get done for the day or week.
I also would wake up in the middle of the night, suddenly remembering something I’ve forgotten to do.

So now I use super simple methods to keep track of my days and remind me of what I’m supposed to be doing, without taking up too much energy or brain power.

1 – Use a digital calendar. I like Google because it’s easy to use, I can colour code all my appointments and I can add reminders. It’s also easy to move things around if I need to.

2 – Use reminders. When I add anything to my calendar that I think there’s a chance I’ll forget, I add in 2 or 3 reminders.
For example if I have something in a 7pm, I’ll set a reminders for that morning as well as 3 hours + 30 minutes before the appointment.

3 – Write down every single task. I use a simplified method of the Bullet Journal. Basically if it’s not written down in there, it doesn’t get done.

Using a system like this helps me be organised, feel productive and also means I don’t let anyone else down by missing appointments or forgetting to do something.

The added benefit is that as you schedule out your days or weeks, you can make sure you’re not doing too much of the things that drain your energy.

How do you combat brain fog and forgetfulness? Leave me a comment and let me know ❤

Brain Fog

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