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Internet Assholes

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of people share their unwanted opinion on other people’s posts. I saw a poor girl being torn to shreds in a Facebook group when she posted about a new pair of shoes. There were countless comments telling her the shoes were ugly.
Then my friend shared a photo of her young daughter at her pole dance class. Anyone with a brain could quite obviously see this was about fitness and nothing more. She was also torn to shreds.

I find it really interesting that people act like a completely different person once they’re behind their phone or computer. I often see people say things online that they wouldn’t normally say in real life to real, breathing, living people.
Somehow it makes it OK to say horrible, rude, nasty, inappropriate, judgmental, racist or sexist things just because you’re behind a screen?

I believe this is creating a warped and very unrealistic online ‘reality.’

Elizabeth Gilbert posted about something her friend Glennon Doyle Melton says…

“There is no such thing as a difference between your online identity and your real life identity. If you’re an asshole on the internet, then you’re an asshole in real life, basically.”

When these people are called out on this shitty, asshole behavior, they do the whole ‘I’m entitled to my opinion’ thing. OF COURSE you’re entitled to your own opinion. But if you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger in the street and tell them their shoes are ugly or how to raise their kids, then don’t fucking do it online.
There is no ‘social media me’ and ‘real life me.’ We are one person.

Everything you see me write here is what I truly think, believe and say in real life. I don’t change my personality just because I’m ‘safe’ behind a screen.

Just be kind. It’s not that hard x


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