Lifestyle Changes For Chronic Fatigue Recovery

There is no magic pill or single thing that will make you better from Chronic Fatigue or Burnout.

I’ve been told by some therapists that their therapy or modality will fix me and my health issues.
But the truth is the only path to recovery is investigating why you’re exhausted, addressing it through the right therapies and at the same time creating changes to your lifestyle.

What I’d like to share today is about creating lifestyle changes, because so far for me this has been what’s made the biggest impact. This is one of the key factors to ensure you don’t go back into Chronic Fatigue or Burnout.

Here are some things to consider:

Core Values
What are your values and are you living your life in accordance with your values?
For example, if being creative is one of your values but you’re working in an office job with zero space for creativity, that will contribute to fatigue.

Are you getting enough sleep?
If you’re like me, you might need a solid 8 or 9 hours of sleep per night to allow your body to rest and heal. If you’re up until 11 or 12 watching Netflix, your body (mind) doesn’t get a chance to have a good rest.

Constant Achievement
I used to push myself so hard to achieve all the things. I said yes to nearly everything and kept piling more onto my plate. We aren’t meant to be constantly achieving and the push to keep doing, doing, doing, will only make you exhausted. Accept that there can be days when you don’t have to focus on getting everything done.

People Pleasing
Are you always forgoing what you want because it makes someone else happy? It’s a lovely intention to want to please someone else, but it doesn’t actually help you if you’re missing out on what you want. It’s important to find ways to serve others and give joy, without having a detrimental effect on your own health.

What are yo putting first in your life? Chances are that if you have Chronic Fatigue or Burnout, you’re putting a whole heap of people or things first before yourself. Nothing shifted for me until I put myself first, and that was hard because it felt selfish. However I learnt that I can’t I’m of no use to anyone and I can’t be the best girlfriend/daughter/friend if I don’t prioritise myself and my values.

Balance connection
It’s important to balance how much time you spend with others and how much time you spend alone. This is different for everyone – some of us need more time with people and some of us need less. As humans, we need human connection, especially with the same gender. Too much time with people leaves us over stimulated and exhausted. Too little time leaves us feeling miserable and disconnected. Find the right balance for YOU.

Unique Energy Rhythm
I’ve always been told to get up early and get into the day. But this simply doesn’t match my own energy rhythm and actually makes me feel more tired. I have a smoother day and get more done if I take my mornings slow.

The key to recovery is to bring your life in line with who you truly are and create your lifestyle around you.

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