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Part 1: My Experience With A GP

Have you had a less than ideal experience with a doctor or therapist? Have you felt misunderstood or dismissed?

In recent months I’ve been putting more effort into my own recovery. Sometimes I lose hope and I feel really down, and that happened for quite a few months.
But I picked myself up again and started trying out new therapies & kicked up efforts with my self care.

It was suggested to get some blood tests done to rule out any conditions but also to get some clarity on what I’m dealing with so I can get it treated accordingly. I’ve also done my own research on what to test for.

I went to my doctor’s clinic and saw a different GP to my regular one. I went in with a list of what I wanted to be tested for.
It was nothing over the top or unjustified- viruses, vitamin levels, autoimmune conditions.
All conditions that have fatigue & muscle aches as the common symptoms. Because I want to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Here’s what I said “I want to get some tests done as I’ve had Chronic Fatigue for 10 years and I have Fibromyalgia.”
The doctor told me both of those conditions were questionable. He wouldn’t test me for Ross River virus because I didn’t have any symptoms. I’d just told him I have fatigue and muscle aches – which are some of the common symptoms of Ross River fever. But he didn’t actually ask me about any other symptoms so I’m unsure how he knew what my symptoms were.

He then looked at my last blood tests from a year ago and also wouldn’t test any of those same things because “they would be exactly the same.” Again, I’m not sure how he knows that.

Lastly, he ordered tests on a particular hormone because it was high on my results from SEVEN YEARS AGO. Even though I told him I’d had an MRI to rule anything out relating to that high hormone level.

What I’m concerned about is that other people may be having a similar experience. I’ve seen some GREAT doctors who really listened to me. But I’ve also seen some doctors who didn’t understand exactly what I was feeling.

When you’re experiencing extreme fatigue, you’re often emotional and it’s hard to be assertive. It’s hard to advocate for your health. So an experience like this can be quite detrimental to your recovery, especially if you’re already feeling worn down.
If I wasn’t as strong as I am these days, I would have been in tears.

It’s been advised to me that I go back and request that he documents what grounds he is refusing these tests.
(CLICK HERE for the update on how I went)

I’ve got no bad feelings about this doctor, I just want to be really clear on what his reasons are and have it documented for my own medical history.

One of the most important things in your recovery is clear communication between you and your doctor or therapists. Make sure they understand what you’re going through, your symptoms and how you’re feeling.
Also make sure you understand them and the reasons behind what they recommend or don’t recommend.
You have every right to ask questions and be well informed about your health.

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