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Part 2: My Experience With A GP

I decided to go back to the doctor I saw last week and I’m sharing my experience in case it might be helpful if you’re going through this too.

After the first appointment, I wasn’t satisfied that he understood my symptoms or what the reasons were for refusing to test the things I requested. (CLICK HERE for the full story)

I also wanted the doctor to add to my file why he was refusing these tests.
Basically I’m asking to be tested for conditions where the common symptoms are fatigue and muscle aches so that I can hopefully rule these things out.

I was level-headed, calm and assertive. .
The outcome was that he’s referring me to a specialist, even though he refused to do that yesterday. So I guess this is good progress.

However, the way he treated me as a patient was abysmal. .
He told me I’m a hypochondriac, that I was wasting his time with my questions and he also asked me to stop talking. To which I replied a very firm NO and continued talking ?
Then he went on to call me a ‘difficult patient’ which I guess is a term used for when something is out of his scope as a GP.
But if you’re feeling fragile, difficult patient is not what you want to hear. .
He also said he’s 100% sure that I don’t have any conditions that I want to be tested for.
I’m not sure how he can diagnose or rule that out without blood tests.

I’m sharing this because even though there are many great doctors out there, the experience I had yesterday and today is quite common. .
If you’ve had or are having a similar experience, you have every right to ask questions and make sure you understand the reasons behind the recommendations from your doctor or therapist. .
Leave me a comment this has been helpful for you ❤

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