My heart is with you New Zealand - Delisse Lazzara

My heart is with you New Zealand

My mind is spinning over the mass shooting in New Zealand. I can’t comprehend how a person can walk into a crowded space and shoot, killing people as if this was part of a video game.

However, that’s one person who is obviously sick and fuelled with hate. An extremist and white supremacist.

What is really making me feel sick though, once again, are the comments I’m reading online. I have a lump in my throat reading the absolutely disgusting, hateful, prejudice comments.
I’m filled with fury and sadness.

Real people have died. People who had feelings and dreams and loved ones. 
People who were going about their daily lives and praying at their local Mosque, as they have every right to do. 
They died in a most horrific way. Many people would have seen their loved ones shot. That kind of trauma stays with you forever.

Somehow in the online world, this doesn’t matter. Some people won’t acknowledge that real people have died. Their families lives changed and ripped apart forever, never to be the same again.

I’m seeing so many comments of love, which gives me hope.
But I’m seeing an overwhelming and alarming amount of comments blaming Muslims.

That this is what they deserve for every terrorist attack. 
Say what now?
What do Muslims in New Zealand praying at a Mosque have to with every terrorist attack around the world that an extremist Muslim was behind? 
Absolutely fucking nothing.

The amount of people supporting Fraser Annings letter is abhorrent. Call that piece of writing exaxtly what it is, HATE SPEECH.

What has happened to people’s sense of empathy and compassion for a fellow human being?

I refuse to go back to a world where we judge people because of their race, colour or religion. 
I refuse to judge a whole religion or a whole race based on the extremist minority. 
This is exactly how Hitler rose to power. This is exactly why people of colour were segregated. FUCK THAT.

Anyone who is blaming Muslims, or supporting Anning’s point of view is supporting white supremacy.

There is no room in my life or space in my newsfeed for this kind of bigotry, intolerance and hatred.

It comes down to LOVE or HATE. 
Which do you choose?

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