My Story


Hey! I'm Delisse and here's a bit about my journey...

I've been on a journey of aiming to living a full life, whilst healing & recovering from Anxiety & Chronic Fatigue.

For a long time I was going against my true nature and I experienced deep soul exhaustion as a result. 

My experience has led me to believe that everyone has the right to be their purest truest real-est self. I believe that's a basic human right that no one can take away from you. We're born completely pure and untouched, but somewhere along the way, that gets lost

Media, friends, family, peer pressure and society & cultural ideals all condition us to be a certain way. And it's not meant to be like that. Being this persona who isn't really you, is deeply exhausting. It's hard work - keeping up, being someone else, thinking and acting like someone else. Constantly thinking about how you 'should' be.

This is how I lived for 25 years. It's a long time! I can't tell you how exhausting it was and how much anxiety I had.

I turned it all around over the last few of years, and while I'm still not perfect at it, I'm more ME than I've ever been in my life. It's the most liberating feeling and my life is more calm than it's ever been. 

I decided I sure as hell wasn't going to miss out on anything anymore, just because I was scared of not fitting the mould.

What has that meant for me? I now get to run this amazing business that's an extension of me. I get to help other people be their true self in life. And it blows my mind when I think about the ripple effect that has.

What if you could be your real self?

What if you weren't so worried about what someone else might think?

What if you didn't miss out on what you wanted?

Be You

A bit about me...

I grew up and still live on a table grape farm in a country town in North West Vic. If you see Aussie grapes in the supermarket, there's a good chance they've come from my local area.  

I live with my fiance Rob and our two dogs & two cats, who are all very cheeky!

I've worked as a banker, a bookkeeper and now a personal coach. I'm also a part time Face Painter!