Client Love

client love



Sometimes things and situations align and that is how I ended up having a Pow Wow with Delisse. The Reiki was supremely relaxing and it certainly opened up my brain and heart to where my potential and passions lie. I quite possibly fell asleep during the Reiki despite my brain buzzing. My body drifted despite my mind going crazy and slept well that night. Delisse was wonderful in allowing me to download and help me process my thoughts and ideas. With probing and insightful questions she allowed me to make sense of how I should move forward in life. Really enjoyed the session and would recommend Delisse if you’re looking to try Reiki or to have an unbiased debrief.

Miranda Mitchell


Delisse is amazing! I have had a few sessions with her and keep coming back as her advice is always spot on and she provides practical solutions that are easy to implement. I could not recommend Delisse more highly for anyone experiencing anxiety, overwhelm or for people that just want help to live their best life!

Natalie Puleio


I openly had a session with Delisse for the purpose to feel more centered with myself. To know and understand yourself is a balance. Delisse gave me assurance, peace, energy and focus. I went away from my treatment feeling content of where exactly I should be spiritually.

Rachel Brigante


Delisse's Reiki session opened my eyes more to be a more relaxed person and to handle things that worry me and stress me out in a better way. I highly recommended a session, Delisse handles it professionally and makes her clients feel comfortable.

Rosemary Brigante


I would often hear about Reiki healing and wondered what it was all about.Then when I found out that Delisse was doing it I thought, here's my chance! I went in with an open mind, and I can honestly say it was a great experience!Delisse was wonderful, she gave me great advice and everything she said made perfect sense! I left feeling like a weight had been lifted and the stress I had been feeling was relieved.I would definitely recommend any of my family and friends to make an appointment!

Mary Sergi


I was so excited when I heard Delisse was doing Reiki sessions. I'd read about Delisse's own experience, then I had the chance to have a session with her and I couldn't wait. Delisse began the session and I was fully aware and paying attention to see what I could feel. There were different sensations through my body. I felt very relaxed and when the session ended I didn't want to move or get up. It was warm and beautiful and relaxing. I can't wait for my next session.



You really are a breath of fresh air. I appreciate your patience and certainly your knowledge! But most of all it is so nice to have you to talk to!!!! Thank you for listening and understanding.

Love ya Delisse!