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Self Healing

Over the past year I’ve been drawn to explore self healing. I have chronic health issues and it’s always been hard for me to believe that I can heal myself.

When you’re in constant chronic pain, it’s incredibly scary to be fully in the hands of your healers like I was. If I had a flare up, I’d have to wait until I could get treatment.

So I started by booking regular weekly appointments. That helped to keep my symptoms at bay and become my health maintenance.
For just over 12 months now, I’ve been having a remedial massage + craniosacral therapy every week.

Craniosacral therapy was the modality that started my interest in self healing. I go for an hour treatment and that helps my body & mental state to balance and begin self healing which continues after the hands on treatment has finished.

Then I came accross homeopathy that really challenged everything I believed about self healing.

I bought a homeopathy kit, so small that it fits into mt handbag. But with this tiny kit, I’ve treated a range of symptoms and illnesses without having to rely on someone else.
I treated myself and Rob without leaving the house.

Everything from colds, respiratory infections, sore muscles, stomach pains, PMS symptoms, hangovers (not mine ´ść), to emotional issues like the shock of finding a snake in my yard and grief.

So as I always do when I find something I like, I did a deep dive into learning more about homeopathy.
Through that learning I discovered flower essence remedies and now I’m deep diving into that too.

The thing that I’ve had to accept with healing is I can’t fix everything.

But I can relieve symptoms and ease pain without relying on anyone. And that’s pretty amazing

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