Surrender To Sleep - Delisse Lazzara
Burnout, Exhaustion, Fatigue

Surrender To Sleep

Our society these days doesn’t really honour sleep & rest.
Instead we seem to praise late nights, Netflix binging and doing all the things.

When I was in the depths of burnout, I was continuing to push myself to the extreme. And wondering why I was so exhausted.
A naturopath I was working with at the time told me it’s OK to have a nap and in fact it was crucial for my recovery.
I really needed that permission, but I didn’t need to be told twice.

These days, I structure everything around sleep and rest.
Whilst it’s a complete inconvenience to structure my days around an having a sleep or a lie down, I know how important resting is to my recovery.
It’s now a non-negotiable and I’ve accepted that it’s just what my body needs right now.

I’ve completely surrendered to sleep. It eases my headaches, improves my brain power and I’m not a grumpy-bum when I rest.

If you’re chronically exhausted, here’s your permission slip to have a rest or a cheeky nap.

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