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The cause of my hair loss

My hair has been slowly falling out for some years now and I have about half of what I used to. I always put it down to stress + gut health and continued trying to work on my health, hoping it would get better. If you’ve experienced hair loss, you’ll know the feeling of seeing your hair everywhere throughout the house. It’s frustrating and upsetting. I started The Curly Girl Method back in August and since then I’ve definitely noticed less hair loss.

Then I found a couple of small bald patches and started to freak out. I finally decided to book in an appointment with a hair loss specialist – a Trichologist. I’m always hestitant to see a mianstream doctor because I’ve had bad experiences in the past. But I really wanted to find out what was causing this and then I could treat it however I decided. I booked an appointment with David Salinger in Adelaide. I wish I’d done this earlier!

I flew into Adelaide for an appointment with David and his daughter. They checked my scalp under a microscope – this was very cool to look at. David could see that my hair follicles were OK and the hair was growing, but my actual hair strands were thin and that was causing the thinning appearance.

He went through some questions with me and was very thorough. When he asked what type of oral contraception I’m on – Levlen – he said that was propably the main cause of my hair loss. Levlen has one of the highest levels of testosterone which can cause hair loss. He also checked some blood tests I’d had and some levels were too low, possibly contributing to the problem as well.

Finding this out was equally satisfying and frustrating. I wish I’d known this earlier! It would have saved me so much emotional pain and frustration.

To be honest, writing this blog felt like I was sharing something really private and it took me a while to sit down to write it. I wrote it because if I’d come accross a blog like this, it would have helped me, so I’m hoping it helps you too.

I’m not suggesting for a second that if you’re taking Levlen that you stop. But I strongly recommend that you see a Trichologist if you’re experiencing hair loss. There’s a range of reasons your hair might be falling out and the best thing you can do is find out the cause and go from there.

I’ll update this blog with any changes I experience.

Delisse xo

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