To all the George Pell supporters - Delisse Lazzara

To all the George Pell supporters

I’m so disgusted in the actions of George Pell and glad to see he has been convicted. 
But what I’m even more disgusted in, is the amount of people coming out supporting him and saying the evidence against him is false. The amount of people who aren’t shocked at what he did, but shocked that he’s been convicted is just unbelievable. 
This is the exact reason why so many victims don’t speak up. The incredible shame they feel plus the fear of being accused of lying is why so many keep quiet.

I wonder how Tony Abbot, John Howard and Andrew Bolt are sleeping at night, having defended and fiercely supported a convicted paedophile. 
Abbot called Pell a friend, Howard provided a character reference and Bolt has said Pell has been falsely convicted. 
It’s this kind of action that allows a pedophile to gain power and continue to commit disgusting crimes against our most vulnerable young people.

I walked away from my catholic faith years ago, when stories of paedophile priests started circulating. I could not bring myself to support any institution that hides these kind of disgusting crimes. 
However, I do not judge anyone for their religious choices. Faith lives in your heart and it’s between you & God.

But to openly and fiercely support & defend paedophiles, well I think there is nothing more disgraceful and cowardly.

I can’t imagine the kind of courage it took for the victims to speak up and we all should support them ❤

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