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Two Strangers At The Airport

I believe in Divine Timing. I believe in Gut Feelings. I didn’t know what these things were for a long time. I heard people talking about it a lot and I wasn’t sure if I believed. But I started to believe and then things started to align. Weird coincidences that couldn’t be planned or explained in any other way apart from Divine Timing and Synchronicity. Things strangely worked out when I acted on a gut feeling.

I’m on my way to Geraldton in WA for a business retereat. I’m a nervous traveller and I always have been. Anxiety used to control my life and these days I’m mostly on top of it. Each trip I do, I’m less nervous. I guess it comes with more experience and new learnings each time on how to lessen the anxiety. There were so many times when I thought I’d never be on the other side of anxiety, I thought it would always be that way. But now, here I am, travelling to the other side of the country, on my own and feeling (mostly) excited.

I had a 4 hour stop over in Adelaide. Living in the country means a lot of flights any time I want to go somewhere, but I’ve actually never had a stop over this long. I planned to check out the shops (of course), do some reading and a bit of work. As soon as I arrived I went to check in for my flight to Perth and the lady told me check in didn’t open for another hour. So I found a cafe, with big windows letting all the light in. I sat still for a while, something I don’t do very often. I headed back to the lift and towards the check in counter – check in still wasn’t open. There were no seats around so I perched on a low metal bar. When my butt got too sore, I went searching for a real seat. I found one and sat for a little while longer. When I couldn’t sit still anymore I headed back to the check in counter. There were people everywhere. Something was going on because there were news cameras and reporters all over the place.

As I was walking and dodging people, I don’t know how, but I noticed a young lady on the phone in tears and I heard the words ‘panic attack.’ People were walking past totally oblivious, or ignoring her because they weren’t sure what to do. I kept walking, I’m not a quick thinker and my brain always needs time to process things. I checked in and walked back towards security. I suddenly remembered the young lady and doubled back to look. She was still there on the phone and in tears. I walked over and asked if she was OK, and she told me she was having a panic attack.

My heart was pounding. I could feel her pain and I knew this feeling too well. My heart was hurting for her. I sat down next to her and waited until she got off the phone. She was taking short sharp breaths and could barely talk. I told her my name and explained I’ve had anxiety, I get it. She had missed her flight and that triggered the panic attack. Yep I got that too. I’m too familiar with that anxiety-induced can’t-think-straight-or-make-decisions brain fog. I sat and chatted with her for a while and explained what I had been through and what had helped.

At the end, she was breathing and smiling. She thanked me for stopping to help and I thanked her for letting me help. I was a random total stranger and she let me in. We hugged and said goodbye. (Probably the first time I’ve hugged a stranger.) I walked away thinking, wow, I could not have planned that. How did it happen that I walked past and actually heard her say ‘panic attack’? How did it happen that I had so much time between flights and could sit and chat until she felt better, with nowhere to rush off to? How did it happen that I’ve been through it and knew exactly what to say? What made me stop?

Divine Timing.

When we stop focusing on all the distractions and create space in our minds, we notice more. We’re more aware of what’s going on around us and we see messages meant for us.

Beautiful lady. Know that there is nothing wrong with you. Know that you can get through this. Know that this is not how it has to be. Know that you are destined for big things, if you can believe it. Know that you are sensitive and that is a good thing. Know that you are brave for accepting help and opening up to a total stranger at the airport.

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