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Messages From My Nonna In Spirit

I pretty much had no relationship with my Nonna when she was alive. There was conflict with my dad so it was always complicated. I don’t feel like I hated her but I was angry about the way she parented and the effects of that.

She came to me in a reading not long after she died and I didn’t believe it was her ? I dismissed it because we had no relationship in real life so why would she visit me in spirit?
But she’s a very determined woman my Nonna, something that I inherited too.
She came through twice more to help me heal my relationship with my dad and set me on this healer path.

She had this flamingo statue in her garden and it’s one of the things I remember about her & my childhood. I see flamingos so often. I know they are everywhere at the moment – but they’re coming up in unusual places that make me pay attention.
Last week it was my niece wanting me to print a flamingo and she couldn’t say the word so I had to really listen to work out what she was saying.

And then, here it was smack bang as a beautiful artwork with beautiful colours that I find so appealing. (This amazing artwork is by Lindsay Weirich. Please go check her out!)

Now, I connect with Nonna to do card readings. I sit with a cup of tea and her fave biscuits.

Have you had loved ones leave you signs and messages?

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